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Ariel Phenomenon | John E. Mack Institute Ariel, Phenomenon. cost-free Whether or not you believe there is life beyond our planet, this is an intriguing story that includes a BBC war reporter, a Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Psychiatrist and hundreds of others as well as many hours of archival footage with those present in 1994 and interviews with witnesses and others today.. ariel barbour


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ariel 65 The definitive documentary on the 1994 mass sighting at the Ariel School in rural Zimbabwe, Africa. Includes interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, BBC reporter Tim Leach who was first on the scene, and many of the witnesses both then and now. Journey back to the school to join a reunion with some of the now adult witnesses who will recall the events of September..

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topputlocker, Ariel Phenomenon Ariel Phenomenon @ArielSchoolFilm. The definitive documentary on the '94 mass sighting by 64 school children in rural Zimbabwe told by a BBC reporter, Harvard psychiatrist John Mack & others.. ariel pjs

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